Sunday, April 16, 2017

This Week in Fright Film History April 16 - 22, 2017

The Lady and the Monster (1944) is a film based on the novel “Donovan's Brain” by Curt Siodmak, who is known for writing such horror classics as The Wolf Man (1941) Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) and The Beast with Five Fingers (1946). The film was directed by George Sherman and written by Dane Lussier and Fredrick Kohner. The Lady and the Monster (1944) which starred Vera Ralston, Erich von Stroheim, and Richard Arlen was released on April 17, 1944.

After suffering several strokes Bram Stoker, the author of DRACULA died on April 20, 1912. His death would go virtually unnoticed by the world, overshadowed by the sinking of the Titanic which dominated the headlines that week.
Supernatural (1933) an American horror film directed by Victor Halperin starring Carole Lombard and Alan Dinehart was released on April 21, 1933.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) the first sequel to Frankenstein (1931). Bride of Frankenstein was directed by James Whale and stars Boris Karloff as The Monster, and features Elsa Lanchester in the dual role of his mate and Mary Shelley was released on April 22, 1935 in Los Angeles California.

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